An introduction to the music and life-work of neglected Australian-born composer PERCY GRAINGER (1882-1961) with special reference to the international scope of his work, & its particular relevance to Sheffield and its surrounding area.

This 'course', consists of a series of eight hour-and-a-half long words-and-music displays, (first prepared for Crosspool Methodist Women's Group and for 'Age Concern' in the years 2002-4), incorporating a journey around the world in the company of Percy Grainger (using his letters and other documents of record), and is designed as a preliminary introduction to the man within these contexts in our day.

Using Grainger's suite "In a Nutshell" as its base, it begins in locations near to Sheffield in the UK, linking Grainger's folk-song collecting activities in Lincolnshire in to present-day traditional music-making scenes. Then the world journey is embark-ed upon, which leads back at the end again to Sheffield, to examine the relevance of Grainger's music and his words about music to our own world here today. It finishes by imagining his after-death return to the Sheffield area, during which the composer is met at the station, and taken by train and on foot around the surrounding countryside and back to the city, encountering much music along the way.

Sessions One Part One/Movement One: "Arrival Platform" &

and Two: Part Two/Movement Two: "Gay But Wistful"

Sessions Three Part Three/Movement Three: "Pastoral"- leading out to a Journey

and Four: Round the World.

Sessions Five Part Four /Movement Four: "Gumsuckers Finale":

to Seven: "Three Gardens"; "Gumsuckers Go Forth"; "Harvest Home".

& Session Eight: "New Arrival Platforms":

Percy's Train Ride and Walk over Fiddlers' Green and across the Hallamshire Moorlands,

to the Victoria Quays, the Gums in the Winter Gardens, the Peace Garden

& his End-of-Walk Hidey-Home beside Leader House.

The course is designed, clearly for 'long-term travellers', (who are willing to meet up to listen and to learn), but two shorter 'taster sessions' are also available, which present top-and-tail versions of Parts 1,2 & 8; & a foreshortened 'world tour': "Come Into The Garden" : "Arrival Platform": short version (50 mins); & "Pastoral" (short version, cca 50 mins).

Mail: Grainger - Come into the Garden

Sally Brown

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